2015 Manifesto and Currently

I know it’s been a long time in between posts. Here is my Manifesto for 2015. I made one last year and the year before. I can almost say it’s a tradition now.


Now on to Currently. I’m linking up with Farley from Oh’BoyFourthGrade


My daughter and husband can play Wii U for hours.

Apparently two weeks is not a long enough break for me! I’ve gotten into a bad habit of sleeping in past 9:00am. the past few days. I received one of those fitness wrist trackers that can track your sleep too. According to the sleep tracker I only get 4 hours and 21 minutes of restful sleep a night. It’s been consistent for a week now. So it makes me wonder.

I think I should invest in some good athletic shoes this year. I had a bad case of Morton’s Neuroma which sidelined me for about six weeks. I have narrowed down which shoes aggravate my foot and one of those shoes unfortunately is my athletic shoes 😦

I bought a memory foam bed almost a month ago which is still in the box. I learned that you have to buy a platform for a foam bed. I’ve been too busy to buy one. I found one last week but now I need to rearrange some rooms since I’m not getting rid of any beds.

I’ve been consistently working out for three years except for injuries and illnesses. I hope to continue that this year too. In the past three months I have cut out all soda from my diet. I can honestly say I don’t miss it. Although I do have my moments. I’m thinking this year I should cut back on coffee (caffeine) too. I only drink one cup of coffee a day but I think I can do without it on most days. I just like a hot drink in the morning.

I use to be a “Project Life” person but I didn’t do one last year. Now looking back on the Project Life I did complete, I appreciate the time I put into it. Although I don’t want to do a full blown Project Life, I would like to document life in a more simplified way.

Best wishes for the new year!



Currently February and a new blog

I’ve been meaning to switch over to WordPress for a long time now but have been way to lazy to actually do it! It’s still a work in process. It’s also a learning curve too!

I’m linking up with Farley from  Oh’Boy Fourth Grade.


It was a long work week. I’ve been fighting a cold all week. Thankfully, I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow though, since I volunteered to do some common core math curriculum writing. It’s all day 8-4! We usually only meet for four hours but I think we are making up for taking some time off in December.

My husband has had a nasty cough since right before New Years. He just coughs and coughs all night so I took refuge in another room. It’s been a month since I’ve slept in my bed!?! He’s finally getting better so I hope to be back in my comfy bed soon!

My two truths:

We just got the DISH Network after not having cable or satellite for over 12 years! Back in early 2000 it was one of the luxury items I gave up to stay home full time. Back then there was no online streaming so it was tough the first few months but I got use to it. I feel super spoiled now. I mainly watch The Food Network and HGTV but I’m always just passively watching.

Yes, I nearly caused a mistrial the last time I had jury duty. I did blog about it here. I did get called for jury duty recently but I got excused  – hmmm, I wonder why???

My fib:

My love for olives. Can’t stand them and I won’t eat them. After years of stomach problems I came to the realization that I’m allergic to olives. You know the whole “cook with olive oil” craze (thanks Rachel Ray) well, I never ate olives by themselves but I did eat items cooked with olive oil. Over the years, it’s just gotten worse and worse when I consume anything with olives or cooked with olive oil. Let’s just say, I usually avoid potlucks unless I know for certain the food is olive oil free.